About me

I am a beautician and a healer. My passion for health started in Venezuela with a degree in Pharmacy. In a period of political and private crisis I headed for Europe. I've got a MSc Degree in Pharmaceutical Technology in London but I got no suitable jobs. Eventually, I let got my former degrees and ambitions and I discovered alternative therapies. I became a beautician so I could empower, listen and take care to women's needs.


My oriental origin and my occidental life experiences are my richness that have helped me to heal and balance my male and feminine sides. 


Reiki, shamballa (New Multidimentional Paradigm), metamorphic massage and the energy dance are my healing Technics.


Ayurveda is a passionate philosophy and very ancient medicine. My beauty treatments are under its influences. Detox and cleansing treatments, a good respectful approach to life, the use of natural products and food adapted to our personal constitution and our stressing west life are the responses that I was looking for in pharmacy and well being treatments.


Nutrition is fundamental to preserve mental and physical health. That's why I give nutrition coaching based on ayurveda (personal constitution), spirituality and the reconstitution of intestinal flora or microbiot (essential for mental, emotional and digestive health)


I coach also on natural products issued from west and east medicines.


Soon in 2020 I will start giving cooking courses to improve and restore the microbiot (prebiotics) and ayurvedic vegetarian cooking.