Healing treatments

A healing treatment is first a moment of profound relaxation that the body needs to be able to be in contant with the inner self. This contributes to release stress which is often the cause of many illnesses. 


The objectif of a healing treatment is to balance and increase the vital energy to help the body's own capacity of self healing in order to get back physical and mental health. It works at a holistic level in its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimentions.  Any person can profit of a healing treatment for well-being and it's the perfect complement for a medical treatment.



 A healing treatment helps mainly to :

  • it helps in the process of  physical, mental and emotional self-healing,
  • it removes blocages,
  • it removes intrusif energies, those ones that doesn't belong to us,
  • it cleans, activates and balances chakras and subtil bodies,  
  • it frees emotional blockages,
  • it frees tensions and physical blockages,
  • It improves immune system and helps to detox the body,
  • it decreases  anxiousness, stress, chronic pains, tiredness, fears),
  • it tonifies organes,
  • it awakes conscienceness,
  • it helps in the process of personal growth,
  • it gives a deep relaxation


Price: 60 euros


After Covid 19 illness (new)


Treatment the helps the body to restablish faster, to find its force and tonus. It helps to recover physical, mental and emotional balance.


Price promo: 30 euros



Treatment after or before Covid 19 vaccin(new)


This treatment is focused on stimulating the immnune system, fortify and prepare the body for the vaccin. If after the vaccination, the treatment helps the body to eliminate the potential harmful substances from the body and decrease anxiousness, fears, respiratory problems, weaknesses and tyredness. 



Price promo: 30 euros