Esthetic  treatments

Personalised organic facial: Ideal for problematic skin or dry and mature skin. Cleansing milk, soft or mild scrub, massage with adapted organic oil, home made mask, head massage, serum and day cream.


1h at 65 euros


Deep cleansing organic facial: Ideal for mix, oily skin or acneic skin. Cleansing milk, scrub, home made mask, vapor and black heads extraction, head massage, serum and day cream.


1h at 65 euros


Body Massage: A fusion of different technics like thaï and abhyanga, personalised in a deep relaxing and harmonius movement.


1h at 60 euros


Abhyanga massage: Head and full body massage, ideal for detoxifing the body and mind. Fast and dynimic movements.


1h at 60 euros

1h20 at 80 euros


Back massage: A therapeutic and personalised massage to relax and sooth the back, neck and shoulders. 


30 minutes at 30 euros


Pregnant or light legs massage: Ideal for pregnant women, those with heavy legs and with water retention. Its based on an indian massage but I do personalise it. 


Hot stones: A set of volcanic hot stones to provide a deep relaxation. head and full body massage. Ideal for the cold season, people with tendency to have cold hands and feet, anti water retantion effect.


30 minutes (only back) 30 euros

60 minutes (only body) 60 euros

90 minutes (full) 80 euros


Body scrub: Full body scrub with black sand to purify the skin. It's envigorating and relaxing.


30 minutes at 30 euros


Body scrub and massage:


1h 20 minutes at 80 euros